Posted by: fowlerm | September 23, 2007

Food Chains and Food Webs

We have started talking about food chains and food webs in science. Obviously these chains and webs link to systems because the webs are a group of organisms working together to ensure that everyone has food.

I would like to see if we can come up with some food chains here on the blog. Below are some different ecosystems. I challenge you to come up with producers, consumers, and decomposers that live in these ecosystems. From there, I would like to see what chains and webs you come up with.









Sun –> Apple Tree –> Deer –> Earthworm –> Grass

How did grass get energy from the Earthworm?

This is a picture of a forest food web that I came up with. What do you think?



  1. I would put as a food web for a pond is

    water-> sunlight-> plants(duckweed,eldea)-> fish-> human-> worm-> snail.

    There is my food chain

  2. This is all scribbly and hard to read but it is prettt intoresting. There is even some animals thats up there like, coleu whatis that? Also how in the world is a spider related to any of these creatures? Now I am goingto say hi Mr. Fowler.

  3. pond —>fish —>human

    forest —> worm —>bird —>human

    desert —> camel —>human

    rain forest—> frog —>tucan —>human


  4. Mr. Fowler, the grass got energy from the worm because the worms waste is fertilizer.

  5. A pond is my eccosystem. The fish, snails, turtles, and plants work together in an eccosystem.


  6. I’m going to do a food chain for the pond.


  7. i will do a forest ecosystem!


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